I love the tipis, what next?

Fill out our contact form and we will send you a price list and then put together a quote based on your needs. We will also send you our terms and conditions. Once all the details are sorted we will send you our booking form to check, fill in and return. With a deposit to secure your booking your tipi's are locked in for your event!

What sort of venue will i need?

There are a number of important things to consider when choosing your venue and tipi site, including:

  •  Does your prospective site have good access for 4WD vehicles with long trailers? This is essential to ensure your tipi's (and our wonderful crew) arrive at the site safely.
  •  Is the site free from underground services (electrical cables, water pipes etc) or if not do you know where exactly they are? Metal stakes will be driven in to the ground.
  •   Is the ground level?
  •   Is the ground well drained and free from flooding?
  •   Is the site free from overhead trees, powerlines and other obstructions?

If you do have any questions about the suitability of your prospective event site then please get in touch. Additionally, if the site is nearby we are always happy to carry out a free, no obligation site visit.

What area's do you travel to?

We are primarily based on the Mornington Peninsula and we are happy to say delivery and set up is FREE anywhere on the Peninsula. We do travel further afield but there will be a delivery charge, get in touch for a quote.

When will the tipis be set up for my event?

In general for a weekend event our preferred set up day is Thursday and our preferred pack down day is Monday.  How ever we can work with you and your venue to ensure everybody is happy with times and will always endeavour to meet any venue requirements. If you have a triple tipi an additional day might be needed for set up.

How much space will i need for the tipis?

Please check the tipi section of our website for specific dimensions for different tipi configurations

How many tipis will i need for my event?

That really depends on your vision and whether you are having a cocktail or sit down event. Each tipi can hold 100 people at absolute capacity. Check our tipi section for ideas on floor plans. 

Can the tipi's be used in winter?

Absolutely! With our indoor fireplace and gas heaters you really can create a cozy winter wonderland. The tipis are inspired by the Kata tipi's of Lapland so they really can endure the harshest of climates. 

What happens if the weather is terrible?

All is not lost! The tipis are weatherproof and can withstand up to 70km/hr winds. Rain is never an issue unless your site is at risk of flooding. If strong winds are forecast this will determine the direction the tipis face and how the sides are configured. This will all be discuss with you. Set up times and days might also be effected in extreme weather conditions. 

What are the power requirements?

We recommend that tipis be erected within 20 meters of a power source for lights, AV or catering equipment. This power source can be direct from mains power or you can hire a generator

Do i need to take out insurance for my event?

As with marquee hire, the client is held responsible for all accidental loss and damage to the hire equipment during the hire period. With the value of our equipment on most jobs extending to many tens of thousands of dollars it is of course important that the equipment is properly insured. You are welcome to arrange your own insurance but it is not always easy or cost effective to do so. Because of this we offer a Damage Waiver in exchange for a fee (5% of the equipment hire charge). With this option all responsibility for accidental loss or damage is covered by Peninsula Tipi Co's own insurance

Please contact us for our Terms & Conditions.



If you haven't found the answers to your questions here send us an email and we'll be happy to help